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We Have Been Swamped!

If you have emailed us and have yet to receive a response, we are sorry for the inconvenience! We are constantly trying to help and assist as many people as possible on a daily basis and we appreciate your patience! SHM Staff Advertisements

Rest in Peace Terrilynn

People Magazine Reports: By Stephen M. Silverman Terrilynn Monette, a 26-year-old elementary school teacher who helped her second-graders turn their academic performances around, has apparently vanished. The California native, who moved to New Orleans as part of that city’s initiative to improve teaching in impoverished zones, was last seen with friends on March 2 after … Continue reading

Need immediate assistance? Not sure where to turn?

Email someonehelpedme@gmail.com for assistance.

Flood Safety Tips

DO NOT WALK THROUGH FLOWING WATER—Drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths. Most of these drownings occur during flash floods. Six inches of swiftly moving water can knock you off your feet. And use a pole or stick to make sure that the ground is still there while walking through a flooded area, … Continue reading

Personal safety in the workplace

In the modern workplace, we come into contact with many people, who besides sharing our workplace, are strangers. How to keep yourself and your possessions safe while at work. Will include topics like interviewing your office, working late and carpooling. These days personal safety is something that people cannot afford to ignore. While many people … Continue reading

National Parks In California Will Waive Admission Fee For Veterans Day

Thursday November 11, 2010 visit any National park and get free admission in honor of our Troops and Veterans. Please take your family and enjoy this day together 🙂 Someonehelpedme Staff supports our Veterans!

Shelters/Transitional Housing

Shelters /Transitional Housing Agape House, Offers Homeless and domestic violence programs for women 18-25 with children ages birth to 10 years.     Fontana (909) 574-5679Alternatives to Domestic Abuse Riverside Shelter for Women and Children (951) 339-7233 (SAFE)     (951) 320-1370Better Way Shelter Outreach, Male or Female Domestic violence Victims.     Victorville (760) … Continue reading

Crisis Helplines in California

Crisis Helplines in California The following Crisis Helplines resources were found in California. Use the list to the right to view other resources in California. Use Ctrl+F to find information on this page. 2-1-1 Orange County 2-1-1 is a free 24-hr, 3-digit telephone number that will enable callers to access comprehensive info & referrals to … Continue reading

When is it time to buy new tires?

The first thing to look at is tread depth. A penny is an excellent tool forthis. Turn Abraham Lincoln upside down, and stick the penny into the tread groove. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, the tire doesn’t have enough tread to be safe (or legal, for that matter). Of course, auto … Continue reading

Action to tackle bullying in the workplace

As an individual, what can I do to tackle bullying at work? Bullying takes place behind closed doors with no witnesses and no evidence (in the traditional sense). When called to account, the bully uses charm and their Jekyll and Hyde nature to lie convincingly. Bullies are clever, but you can be clever too. Here’s … Continue reading