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Natural Beauty Tips

The most important and often neglected aspect of beauty care is adequate water. Water helps to moisturise the skin and increase its elasticity. It also helps to convey nutrients to various parts of the body. It is responsible for flushing toxins and other waste materials out of the body. Make sure that you drink an … Continue reading

Great Beauty Tips for Women on a Budget

Ten simple beauty tips to save you money on a tight budget. Includes simple recipes and tricks to make products last longer. Everybody wants to look their best, especially when they step out of the house. They see the magazine covers of glamorous stars and try to mimic the look. But looking great from head-to-toe … Continue reading

Contest : I Don’t Want To Pay For Prom Contest

Attention High School Seniors: Are your parents stressed out about how to pay for prom? Worried about not getting the dress of your dreams? If you are a High School Senior with over a 3.0 g.p.a. and are in need of help for paying for prom write to us. Email a Word Document essay to … Continue reading

Look Good Feel Better Program

There is a site that offers female cancer patients with Free make up classes to help women feel good about themselves. According to their website, their goal is to “Look Good…Feel Better is a free, non-medical, brand-neutral, national public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment … Continue reading

High Heel Hygeine

By Mike Roizen, MD Ladies (and maybe men), if you’ve been influenced by Lady Gaga’s taste in shoes or can’t be seen without your 3-inch stilettos, you might be predisposing yourself to some high-heel related problems–and I don’t mean cat calls. According to a new study, wearing 2-inch heels (or higher) 5 or more days … Continue reading

Low cost beauty tips

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