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Great Mentor Program in the Inland Empire

By DIANE A. RHODES Special to The Press-Enterprise Mentoring Children and Youth, a program administered by We Care San Jacinto Valley Inc., has a new three-year grant to offer the program that matches adult mentors with local children in need of positive role models. “We have 25 kids matched and as we get more mentors … Continue reading

Something to think about….

You can not posses what you don’t pursue. Someonehelpedme Staff

Smoking damages your skin

POSTED BY Dr. Michael Roizen Cigarettes not only damage your arteries to contribute to the formation of wrinkles, but they’re also responsible for vertical lines above the lips. That’s partly because cigarettes deplete levels of a gas called nitric oxide from the inner lining cells of your small arteries (and large ones, too). That short-lived … Continue reading

Raising Girls with Healthy Self-Esteem

How to Raise Girls with Healthy Self-Esteem by Anita Gurian, Ph.D. Introduction Although women have made gains in education and employment in the equal rights war, they’re still losing the self-esteem war. Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are about 9 years old, then takes a nosedive. Here is a look at why girls’ self-esteem plummets … Continue reading


Every minute 20 some children die from poverty and hunger. Do something to help the cause today! Someonehelpedme Staff

SMH Contest of the Day!

What was Walt Disney afraid of that most people would not think he feared? Email your answers to Someonehelpedme@gmail.com, the first 3 people to email us with the correct answer will get $25 wal-mart gift cards Good Luck!

Cut your Medical Costs: Do’s and Dont’s

How you can stretch your health care dollar during tough economic times — without jeopardizing your health. By Mayo Clinic staff “The wind began to switch, the house to pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.” This line from the “Wizard of Oz” could easily describe many people’s experience with spiraling medical costs. About … Continue reading

The Importance of Donating Bone Marrow

Donating Bone Marrow What is Marrow? Marrow is a substance found inside bones. It resembles blood and contains blood stem cells, which produce red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets important for carrying oxygen, fighting infection and helping to control bleeding. Blood stem cells, the cells that transplant patients need to make healthy new … Continue reading

Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

Test anxiety is when a student excessively worries about doing well on a test. This can become a major hindrance on test performance and cause extreme nervousness and memory lapses among other symptoms. The following are tips on reducing test taking anxiety. Being well prepared for the test is the best way to reduce test … Continue reading

Note Taking Strategies and Skills

Tips on taking school notes, techniques and strategies that will help you become a good note taker. Whether taking college lecture notes or class notes these tips will be of great help. If the instructor writes something on the chalkboard/overhead or repeats an idea then it is usually a key point and you should write … Continue reading